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Core value


Integrity, dedication, innovation, win-win, responsibility, gratitude!

Integrity—speak credibility, words must be believed, actions must be fruit;

Dedication-show the diligence, hard work and strong will of Wanxuan people;

Innovation—learn new ideas, create new methods, and strive for new progress;

Win-win-the company forms a win-win situation with employees, customers and manufacturers;

Responsibility-Responsible for yourself, family, work, business, society;

Thanksgiving—gratefulness and gratitude to family, colleagues, friends and customers;


Our team

Efficient, harmonious and happy team.


Way of employing

If you have virtue, you will be able to use it. If you have virtue, you will be able to use it.


Our vision

Committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise in China's magnetic materials industry.


Our mission

Provide customers with competitive magnetic products and services, and create the highest value for employees, shareholders, and customers!

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