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The largest and most advanced gas burner in China achieves order production

The largest and most advanced gas burner in China achieves order production

2019-10-08 14:13
(News reporter Zhu Tong from Dong Shaohua) Recently, in the Toutunhe Industrial Zone in Urumqi, Xinjiang New Sifang Enterprise Group produced the largest and most advanced gas burner in China, and broke the long-term industry monopoly of large foreign companies to achieve Order design and production of large-tonnage gas burners.
On November 26th, the reporter followed the "Autonomous Region Science and Technology New Enterprise Line Interview Team" to the Sifang Group's test base, and saw a boiler with this evaporation capacity of 40 tons using this new type of burner lying quietly in the plant There is also a packaged burner boiler equipment next to it, which is preparing to be sent to the mainland.
"In the development of large-tonnage gas burners, we filled the gaps in domestic low-pollution emissions and high combustion efficiency. For a long time, domestic gas burners with an evaporation capacity of more than 10 tons are imported. Now, our technology can produce 4 to 120 tons of gas burners with evaporation capacity." Sifang Group technical experts told reporters.
   It is understood that the burner developed by Sifang Group is both oil and gas. When natural gas is tight, it can also be used as a fuel to burn. At present, it has been approved by relevant technical departments in design, manufacturing and market development, and various performance indicators have reached the international leading level.
  Since 2005, Sifang Group has carried out scientific research projects on large-tonnage and high-efficiency gas burners, and invested a lot of funds and scientific research personnel in research and development. By adopting digital and analog technology research, not only shorten the research and development time, but also reduce the research and development costs. Since its introduction to the market last year, Sifang Group has sold 10 large-tonnage gas burners. In the national bidding for heating boilers at Beijing Capital Airport, the Sifang Group's boiler with a new type of burner won the bid in one fell swoop. It is also understood that in terms of boiler burners, the enterprise has applied for 8 national patents, including 3 invention patents and 5 utility model patents.

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