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SmCo Magnet

[Product Name] High temperature motor magnetic steel
[Product material] NdFeb
[Product use] The raw material of high temperature resistant motor magnetic steel of Wanxuan is NdFeb, which is manufactured by sintering process. The sintered NdFeb motor magnetic steel has good magnetic properties, and can be widely used in electronics, electric machinery, instruments, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace and other fields
[Product production] At present, Wanxuan sintered NdFeb motor magnetic steel has been used in the production of many enterprises, the specific products produced are: permanent magnet motor, loudspeaker, magnetic separator, computer disk drive, magnetic resonance imaging equipment and meters.


Sintered SmCo Magnet

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Porous iron-chrome-cobalt magnet

1. The porous Fe-Cr-Co magnets of Wanxuan Magnetics are developed and manufactured from Fe-Cr-Co, a new permanent magnet material developed in the last century. The porous Fe-Cr-Co magnets have high temperature resistance, the highest temperature can reach 400℃ for Curie temperature of about 680℃.

2, porous iron chromium-cobalt magnet used iron chromium-cobalt raw materials are known as transformers in permanent magnet, Wan Xuan made of porous iron chromium-cobalt magnet impact resistance, has the characteristics of not easy to break than other magnetic materials, not easy to crack.

3, Wanxuan porous iron chromium-cobalt magnet has the characteristics of multi-pole orientation, high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, the product has good mechanical strength, light gravity, but also has good shape and ductility, suitable for aviation instrument, Marine instrument, telephone receiver, speaker, tachometer and hysteresis motor industry product production.

4, iron chromium cobalt can be processed into cylindrical, circular, bowl, magnetic bar (belt), square and other shapes. This product is made of circular porous iron chromium cobalt magnet, magnet manufacturer Wan Xuan magnetic industry currently has a large number of spot, welcome to order.

5, iron chromium cobalt material is not easy to break, not easy to crack, suitable for the production of complex shape smaller size or larger meagre permanent magnet components, but also can be made into semi-hard magnetic alloy. Wan Xuan Magnetic industry can customize magnet performance according to customer needs, even semi-hard magnetic can be realized, porous iron chromium cobalt magnet customization process please see below.

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